Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dell M1000e IOM firmware fails from CMC GUI

When trying to update the IOM firmware from the CMC GUI you see the error below. I tried pulling the standby CMC and vice-versa but this did not work either.


Connect to the CMC management IP address via putty over SSH, and issue this command.

racadm fwupdate -s -m all

This should list all the modules that require a firmware update.

racadm fwupdate -u -m iominf-1

The command above will update the IOM is A1, so you will need to repeat this if you have more IOMs, changing the last digit. Be warned this command will reboot the switch!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Updating firmware on Force10 MXL Blade IOM

Attach to the switch via a console cable, or the CMC backdoor. Start TFTP on your PC with the firmware in the TFTP root.

Show system brief or show os-version
Int management 0/0
ip address /24
no shutdown
upgrade system tftp:// A:
show os-version