Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Reduce size of SOPHOS4 SQL database

1. Install Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express
2. Open Sophos DB
3. Confirm DB that is using space.
Right Click DB go to properties, Check Size
4. Once you find the Sophos DB using disk space open its properties page.
5. Click on Options
6. Change Recover Model to Simple
7. Click Ok
8. Create Backup of DB
• Right click DB
• Select task
• Select backup
• Set backup type full
• Change backup to Disk
• Add location do save the backup file
• Click ok
9. Next Shrink the DB
• Right click DB
• Select Tasks
• Select Shrink
• Select Database
optional Tick Reorganize files before releasing unused space….
• Select OK
This will shrink the DB down. My Sophos DB change from 2.5 GB to 25Mb.
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