Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Changing Public Folder replication message priority to urgent in bulk

When you are migrating away from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007/2010 you must mive all public folders off from the old server. This is done by using the Move all replicas option under the public folders menu. To speed things up each public folder should have its message priority set to urgent. But what happens if you have 1000's of folders? The solution I found is to use PFDAVadmin which can be found on the Microsoft website. Make sure you have a working backup before you begin. Stopping MSExchangeIS and copying the pub1.edb elsewhere works nicely!

First you need to connect to the Exchange server and AD.
Then select Custom Bulk operation.

Then click add and select Other folder properties. This process needs repeating for system folders too.

Select Modify and in the property drop-down find PR_REPLICATION_MESSAGE_PRIORITY and enter the value 1
Next click OK

PFDAVadmin works through the database altering the values. This can take some time if you have lots of folders.

When we inspect the setting on any of the folders you can see the Replication message priority has been altered.

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