Thursday, 12 April 2012

Equallogic ASM/ME - Replication partner Not Available

ASM/ME reports Replication Partner Not Available. Even though manual replication works.

Issue was caused by the inability to access the VSS-CONTROL LUN on the replication partner. In my case the vssadmin username and password where correctly specified but the iSCSI initiator refused the login to the VSS LUN. The workaround is to set the VSS access at the group level to unrestricted while Dell investigate.

UPDATE. - Workaround from Dell PS.

Highlight the VSS-Control Volume and click connect you get an Advance button, Click it and you will get a pop up window and you should see your chap credentials there.
Enter you chap Credentials on both the hosts and that should resolve the issue.


  1. Hi, can you give a more detailed explianation of this error? I have the same problem but my server has access to the vss target on the primary volume

  2. For those running Server 2012 or 2012 R2, Smart Copy replicas are not currently supported by ASM for Cluster Shared Volumes (as of version 4.6). Data would need to be stored on non-CSV cluster disks, unless there is a feature change to add support for this in a future release.