Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hyper-V LiveMigration fails with Live migration did not succeed at the source

I built a Hyper-V 3.0 cluster for a customer moving away from SBS 2011. The cluster was created successfully but live migration was failing with these errors:

"Live migration did not succeed at the source"

"Failed to authenticate the remote node: The specified target is unknown or unreachable (0x80090303)"

The cluster validated without a problem. All the sources were pointing to a mismatch in Hyper-V Network name and vSwitch name. I knew this wasn't the issue as I have used the same PowerShell script to create the network team and vSwitch.

When i looked in the Event Viewer at the Hyper-V-VMMS log I could see the the SPN was not able to register on the SBS 2011 domain controller.

When I used SETSPN -L Hyper-V-node I could see that the Hyper-V SPNs were missing.  I checked the permissions on each node to make sure that 'SELF' has the permission "Validated write to service principal name" but that was correctly set.

I saw on forums that others with a SBS 2011 domain had the same issue. In the end, I worked around the issue by manually adding the required Hyper-V SPNs in AD.

Below are the correct SPNs for Hyper-V 3.0:

Microsoft Virtual Console Service/Hyper-V-node
Microsoft Virtual Console Service/Hyper-V-node.domain.local
Microsoft Virtual System Migration Service/Hyper-V-node
Microsoft Virtual System Migration Service/Hyper-V-node.domain.local
Hyper-V Replica Service/Hyper-V-node
Hyper-V Replica Service/Hyper-V-node.domain.local

After adding the SPNs for both cluster nodes manually on each computer object in DSA.MSC the Live Migration started working :) I did see that the Event ID 14050 were still appearing :( Later in the project a new Windows 2012 DC was added and the 14050 events stopped.

I can only guess this is an issue with the bespoke permissions/policies that Microsoft have built into the SBS solution. This will be an issue moving forward as companies move away from SBS now M$ has killed it off.


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  1. I have the same problem. The VMs in NODE1 can migrate to NODE2. But the VMs in NODE2 fails to migrate back to NODE1 and provide error message:

    "Failed to authenticate the remote node: The specified target is unknown or unreachable (0x80090303)"