Thursday, 25 September 2014

Windows servers keep resolving to a DHCP address

Windows servers with static IP addresses randomly loose their correct DNS IP address and start resolving to some random IP address for the DHCP scope.

This happens with Windows 2012 R2 DHCP and DNS servers. When a new server is connected to the network and powered up, it get's and DHCP address from the local DHCP server. After you fix a static IP address on the new server. It PINGs and DNS resolution works correctly, resolving the new IP address.
Later, on the hour normally. The new server starts to resolve to the old DHCP address. I checked the server to make sure that no Network Adapters have "Obtain and address automatically" but they did not.

Turns out that the 2012 DHCP updates/overwrites the DNS record to match the DHCP scope.

FIX: Find the rogue address within DHCP and delete it. On the new server issue an IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS

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