Thursday, 7 December 2017

Using Synology as a Veeam Linux backup repository

I have a new customer that purchased Veeam Backup and Replication from me. The customer wanted to use their Synology RS815RP+ as a Veeam Linux Backup Repository. 

There is loads of information on Google about all tweaks you have to do to make Veeam see the Synology, however most are not reliant to v6.x of the Synology software.

From the Synology Web GUI

  • Control Panel/Terminal & SNMP: Enable SSH
  • Click on "Advanced Settings" and change the cipher strength to "Low" (Veeam doesn't support medium or strong strength ciphers).
  • Control Panel/User/Advanced: Enable the user home service.
  • Package Centre: Search for Perl. It will be listed under "Third Party". Click install.

From here you can try to add the Synology as a Linux repository using the synology Admin account. If Veeam hangs then there is an issue, if it's working it normally finishes the add task in 15-30 seconds. You don NOT need to elevate to root. 

If the above doesn't work you can try using the root account on the Synology.

There are mixed messages about if you can use the 'root' password or if you should use SSH keys. I have configured both as a belt and braces approach. To change the root password you need to use the instructions below.

  • SSH to machine as "admin" user.
  • Enter command sudo -sand providing admin password.
  • Enter command “synouser -setpw root password“ Where password is the root password you want.
If that doesn;t work you can try and use Linux SSH Keys to connect. Try this blog post.

You need to add the Linux repository and specify the key.

Here a a list of things I found not to be on any relevance.

  • No need to alter the veeam_soap.tar file for the "-x VMFS" setting
  • No need to enable sFTP on the synology.
  • No need to enable NFS
  • Not relevant
  • Not relevant
  • No need to add admin ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL to /etc/sudoers


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