Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms.When installing Windows 2012 on a Dell server

When trying to deploy Windows server onto a Dell server you see this error message....

Turns out that this is caused by iDRAC firmware version you can work around this by selecting Core mode and adding the GUI features later or downgrading the iDRAC firmware.

Lifecycle Controller Release Notes:
Deployment of Windows Server operating systems (OS) using LC may fail with one of the following message:
  • Windows installation cannot continue because a required driver could not be installed.
  • Product key required.
  • Windows cannot find the software license terms.
This happens when the Windows setup copies the driver to the scratch space (X: drive) and the scratch space becomes full. To resolve this issue, do any of the following:
  • Remove all the installed add-on devices before starting the OS installation. After the OS installation is complete, connect the add-on devices and manually install the remaining drivers using Dell Update Packages (DUPs).
  • To avoid physically removing the hardware, disable the PCle slots in the BIOS.
Increase scratch space size beyond 32 MB using DISM set-scratchspace command when creating customized deployment

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